Meet your new CFO and

your first Digital Accountant is a service that automates bookkeeping and provides financial advice and support through the use of Artificial Intelligence (“A.I.”).

Time spent on understanding, controlling or double checking your financial situation is time better spent on building your business. Victoria is available 24/7 to answer any question

What problems are we solving?

Bookkeeping is expensive and ineffective

Financial management is draining top resources

Most companies have a hard time forecasting cash flow. Excel is still the preferred tool for this among managers and controllers. Vic understands thousands of data points in real time and provides an accurate forecast.

Cashflow is hard to manage

Accountants perform plenty of repetitive tasks, many of them associated with reading and understanding. With Vic Vision these tasks can now be automated, reducing the overall cost of Accounting


Better management and decision making

Less time spent on financial management

Better cash flow and better reporting


Victoria is unique. As one of the first artificially intelligent accountants in the world, she is set to revolutionize the way we experience bookkeeping and financial management. 

Assisted by machine learning algorithms and proprietary vision technology, she has been trained on more than 100 million accounting transactions to accurately predict what to do in almost any situation.

Proudly built in Norway, Victoria is here to change the world!

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer to understand what you are asking and then infer the best possible answer from all the available evidence. 

AI is also defined as a system capable of perceiving its environment and then reasoning, acting, learning and cooperating to achieve an objective. We suggest this video to learn more about AI

With Vic, deliver more value to your clients while Vic takes care of your accountants repetitive tasks. Boost both the workflow efficiency and revenue.

Workflow integration in seconds

Connect your accounts in seconds


Start receiving insights on your business

Join the world’s leading accountants in embracing artificial intelligence. Vic gets smarter each day to advance your accountants.

Always know how your company is doing

When you run a small business, keeping track of your financials and cash flow is absolute key to survival.

Stay ahead of the curve

Vic will analyze your business, do you're accounting and immediately start recommending ways you can improve your business.

Increase your bottom line

Our Advanced Financial Assistant keeps complete control of the financials, and can be asked any questions, like “how’s our cash flow situation?”

Skip the training sessions. Quick set up and onboarding to get you and your team started in minutes. Vic is intuitive and simple to use.



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Where are we?


Our HQ is in NYC with our A.I Lab currently in OSL both supported by our satellite office in SF



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If you reserve your spot right now, you'll be one of the first people in. You'll thank me later ;-)

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